Thursday, April 06, 2006


Same old, same old


One orange
One banana (before it gets too ripe)
One apple (been missing those apples)

Two slices homemade whole-wheat toast with peanut butter (the stir kind)

Maybe half a cup of oatmeal-with-raisins topped with vanilla soy milk.

Ahhh, I've such a happy full tummmy. And now to see how many things I can get checked off today's to-do list while I have the whole day to myself...and there's sunshine to boot. Ahhhh.

Add to the above the last tablespoon or so of double-strength milk with yogurt culture that wouldn't fit into the yogurt maker jars. I should have just poured it down the drain. That's why I doing this--to help me identify where and when I'm eating for the wrong reasons. Sigh.

Hummus sandwich on whole wheat with Romaine lettuce
5 baby carrots
5 corn chips
Granola ball

Pre-supper snack: (I just couldn't wait)
Lindt chocolate ball
Glass of Citrucel

Corn chowder with a couple saltines
Salad (fairly small with Romaine, tomato, and croutons lightly drizzled with dressing)
5 almonds
about a half tablespoon of Nutella...slowly savored. :-)

What, no lunch or dinner?
I didn't get to post that until today--too much else happening in the evening.

At least now I know you're reading it, LOL.
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