Sunday, July 15, 2007


This one sure hits home--right in the gut...(snark)...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Don't tell ME I can't fly!"

Friday, April 07, 2006


Friday--variety at last...wonder how it will work

So today, I had early errands and decided to try an alternative to the big breakfast. Unfortunately, I realized too late that I'd started out with only a couple of glasses of water but more on that later.

Maybe as much as 3/4 cup (not sure, it could well have been less) leftover oatmeal (with raisins). Don't feel too sorry for me, my home-made oatmeal is even good cold (which is how I eat it unless it's really freezing here).

Some vanilla soy milk on top of it.

A banana with, oh, maybe a heaping teaspoon of peanut butter.

Let me tell you that is so not enough breakfast! I was so hungry just a couple hours later, that when I got home from my errands, I took a bite of the Starbucks croissant half that B had left on the counter. Blech. (She'd been up all night finishing the packing and loading and left Gram's at 6:30am. Was on the couch settling in for a bit of a nap when I lugged in my morning purchases). Anyway, I think the inadequate water and then the inadequate breakfast is why I felt so hungry. Not so hungry now that I've had more water.


Hummus sandwich with half a tomato and a veritable mountain of lettuce.

Five baby carrots.

Jar of my home-made vanilla yogurt with half a granola ball crumbled into it.

I still feel a bit hungry but I think I'll wait awhile and see if that goes away or if I need a little snack. Trouble is, chocolate is calling to me... I'll go transfer laundry and think about whether I should add tracking of exercise to this or not.

Update--the chocolate won. Add a Lindt chocolate ball and 3-4 almonds (I forgot to count) to lunch. But now I feel like I've had enough lunch.

Large serving of goulash (whole wheat macaroni, spaghetti sauce, kidney beans, and diced Fri-Chik).

Two servings of steamed broccoli.

The heel from a loaf of my whole wheat bread with Smart Balance.

Three almonds top off the day...

a leftover Halloween mini Kit-Kat bar.

Do we sense a recurring chocolate theme? ;-)

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Same old, same old


One orange
One banana (before it gets too ripe)
One apple (been missing those apples)

Two slices homemade whole-wheat toast with peanut butter (the stir kind)

Maybe half a cup of oatmeal-with-raisins topped with vanilla soy milk.

Ahhh, I've such a happy full tummmy. And now to see how many things I can get checked off today's to-do list while I have the whole day to myself...and there's sunshine to boot. Ahhhh.

Add to the above the last tablespoon or so of double-strength milk with yogurt culture that wouldn't fit into the yogurt maker jars. I should have just poured it down the drain. That's why I doing this--to help me identify where and when I'm eating for the wrong reasons. Sigh.

Hummus sandwich on whole wheat with Romaine lettuce
5 baby carrots
5 corn chips
Granola ball

Pre-supper snack: (I just couldn't wait)
Lindt chocolate ball
Glass of Citrucel

Corn chowder with a couple saltines
Salad (fairly small with Romaine, tomato, and croutons lightly drizzled with dressing)
5 almonds
about a half tablespoon of Nutella...slowly savored. :-)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Watching My Diet -- Day Two

Three glasses of water in the first hour or so after arising and then:


One orange
One banana
1/2 whole wheat square bagel with peanut butter
1/2 whole wheat square bagel with Smart Balance
Two almonds
One of those granola cereal balls with
About half a cup of vanilla soy milk.


Another sandwich made with my yummy (thank you very much) homemade mostly-whole-wheat bread, Elena's chicken-seasoning-flavored hummus (boy, will I be sorry when that's all gone--clearly I need a food processor so I can make my own, right?), and Romaine lettuce.

Four baby carrots.

Four (yes, precisely four) corn chips.

Half a cup of my vanilla-flavored yogurt (and I will not apologize for the sugar in it--it's still a sight better than the commercial kind!)

And that's it! I have 2 prunes and 4 almonds set out in case I get hungry before supper. The supper that I'm going to have to actually break down and (gasp!) cook...because we're almost out of leftovers and B left to take Gram home an hour ago and won't be back until Friday...and even then she won't have time to cook because she'll be too busy packing for her Sunday move to her apartment. And who knows how long it will be before we have Gram living here most of the time...(gulp -- what have I let myself in for???)

To be updated as the day goes on far, so good...and now I'm off to get groceries all by myself and I can walk as fast as I like around the store...

It's Suppertime (as Snoopy would say):

A glass of fiber-containing and appetite suppressing Citrucel half an hour beforehand, then

One dipperful (a little under half a cup) of corn chowder.

A lovely bowl of Romaine lettuce, with tomatoes and croutons and a drizzle of Newman's Own Creamy Caeser dressing.

The two prunes and 4 almonds that had waited patiently all day long.

One of those lightly lemon-flavored granola balls (note to self--must get this recipe) and a

One little ball of Lindt dark chocolate to cap off the day (with thanks to the five M's and their long-suffering parents for the birthday gift).

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Accountability--Day One (Tuesday)

1 orange
1 banana
One slice of whole wheat bread topped with natural peanut butter
Maybe a third to a half cup of brown-sugar (brown so it must be healthy, right?) sweetened oatmeal with raisins topped with vanilla soy milk (sweetened with "organic cane juice" which surely couldn't possibly be sugar, now could it? LOL)

Sandwich of 2 slices of whole wheat bread with homemade chicken seasoning flavored hummos (thank you to Elena who was here for music clinic) and Romaine lettuce
4 baby carrots
One of Elena's super-healthy granola balls (that taste like they have zero sugar) crumbled up and topped with some more vanilla soy milk

A banana, some almonds and a left-over Halloween Milky Way...that tasted disgustingly sweet (which is a hopeful sign...)

Brown rice topped with yummy homemade chili--with pinto beans, onions, tomatoes, green peppers and vegeburger
Another granola ball crumbled with soy milk--I really need to get that recipe!

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