Friday, April 07, 2006


Friday--variety at last...wonder how it will work

So today, I had early errands and decided to try an alternative to the big breakfast. Unfortunately, I realized too late that I'd started out with only a couple of glasses of water but more on that later.

Maybe as much as 3/4 cup (not sure, it could well have been less) leftover oatmeal (with raisins). Don't feel too sorry for me, my home-made oatmeal is even good cold (which is how I eat it unless it's really freezing here).

Some vanilla soy milk on top of it.

A banana with, oh, maybe a heaping teaspoon of peanut butter.

Let me tell you that is so not enough breakfast! I was so hungry just a couple hours later, that when I got home from my errands, I took a bite of the Starbucks croissant half that B had left on the counter. Blech. (She'd been up all night finishing the packing and loading and left Gram's at 6:30am. Was on the couch settling in for a bit of a nap when I lugged in my morning purchases). Anyway, I think the inadequate water and then the inadequate breakfast is why I felt so hungry. Not so hungry now that I've had more water.


Hummus sandwich with half a tomato and a veritable mountain of lettuce.

Five baby carrots.

Jar of my home-made vanilla yogurt with half a granola ball crumbled into it.

I still feel a bit hungry but I think I'll wait awhile and see if that goes away or if I need a little snack. Trouble is, chocolate is calling to me... I'll go transfer laundry and think about whether I should add tracking of exercise to this or not.

Update--the chocolate won. Add a Lindt chocolate ball and 3-4 almonds (I forgot to count) to lunch. But now I feel like I've had enough lunch.

Large serving of goulash (whole wheat macaroni, spaghetti sauce, kidney beans, and diced Fri-Chik).

Two servings of steamed broccoli.

The heel from a loaf of my whole wheat bread with Smart Balance.

Three almonds top off the day...

a leftover Halloween mini Kit-Kat bar.

Do we sense a recurring chocolate theme? ;-)

Maybe you should get in the habit of carrying water with you in the car. I also find that running errands is a big risk for getting thirsty. Sometimes I have to stop and buy water bottles if I forget to take it with me-which is rare though, I pretty much take water everywhere. Do NOT like thirsty.
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